Board Members

M M Saiyed

Engineer (Electronics)

Sarkhej, Ahmedabad

TRUSTEE (President)

MohmadZuber Nazirhusen Saiyed


Polo Ground, Himatnagar

TRUSTEE (Vice President)

Maruf Husen M Saiyed

Engineer (Mechanical)

Juhapura, Ahmedabad

TRUSTEE (Secretary)

ZishanAli Khalidanwar Kadri, LLB

Raikhad, Ahmedabad

TRUSTEE (Legal Officer)

Mudassar Hussain Saiyed


Shahpur, Ahmedabad

TRUSTEE (Treasurer)

MohammedZaid MahebubAli Saiyad

Engineer (Mechanical)

Bhalej Road, Anand

TRUSTEE (Administrator)

About Paigame Saiyed

We are Saiyed Sadat
Our beloved prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alayhe Wasallam said that “Behold! My Ahlul Bayt are like the Ark of Nooh (Alaihissalam). Whoever embarked in it was SAVED, and whoever turned away from it was PERISHED.”

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