About Paigame Saiyed
We are Saiyed Sadat Our beloved
prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alayhe Wasallam said that “Behold! My Ahlul Bayt are like the Ark of Nooh (Alaihissalam). Whoever embarked in it was SAVED, and whoever turned away from it was PERISHED.”

We have a dream.
You could help us realise it Paigame Saiyed charitable trust (PSCT) a non governmental organization.

PSCT is a growing organisation. we began on 2012 with small magazine named “Paigame Saiyed Patrika” and now we are restarting this magazine with lots of services and knowledge. Also we are working with project named “Digital Ummat”. Means our community shall develop with digitalization.

Paigame Saiyed charitable trust is an organization that mainly focuses on 5 key objectives that makes Ummat grow stronger. The 5 key pillars include, health, education, matrimonial, small scale business development and helping hand for poor family. The Trust is a grass root level social welfare organization working directly with the Sadat family and other Muslims communities facilitating the utilization of their skills and knowledge to develop sustainable solutions.

Paigame Saiyed Charitable Trust is a registered under Gujarat public Trust Act 1950, established for the integrated development of the Sadat family and other needy Muslim community.

We are here to Provide Services which Focus on Customer Centricity Rather Than Profit Making Motive in Such Competitive Market. We Are Working In Ahmedabad City. If You Will Join us Then You Will Get Transparency Customer Satisfaction with Right Guidance of Our Services.

Phone : +91 8758587575
Email : paigamesaiyed@gmail.com

C/o Honest Mobile,

Sarkhej Gam, Near Golden House
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382210, India